Anne-Mary Paterson

Freelance Writer

Publishing a book in a lockdown

It is nice to go to a local bookshop to celebrate the publication of a new book and have a bit of a party with friends. This of course was not to be with the lockdown. However, I decided that the show must go on with a virtual publication. I dressed up in the clothes I would have worn to go to the Waterstones. I had a lovely time with friends and people who had helped me with the book. My conclusion about all this, is that perhaps virtual publications should continue alongside the physical book signings as people from far away who would not be able to come to Inverness, were able to hear me speak about my book and read a bit from it. There are things we have learnt from the Pandemic. I had never heard of Zoom before the lockdowns, but I shall continue with it even when we get back to whatever the new normal looks like. Using it, I have attended events from all over the place. I hope these opportunities will continue.

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